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Welcome to a world of comforting Embroidery Kits & digital PDF Patterns. Each unique piece has a nostalgic British touch, designed to bring calm to your heart and mind stitch by stitch. Simple outlines make them a joy for beginners or more experienced crafters alike.

Simply click on the photos and then the  link to buy them on Etsy.


For those of you who share my gentle way of being in the world, I invite you to receive my fortnightly Letters.

- Early access to new Embroidery Kits & Paintings  -

- Relaxing letters sharing Country Living & Craft inspiration to help you enjoy a slower, more creative life connected to nature -


Diana, Portugal

Brilliant Kit & fabulous customer service. Catherine is so helpful and thoughtful. My order was packed beautifully. The Robin design is very forgiving for a beginner and was a very relaxing project and I absolutely love the end result.

Barbara, USA

I have ordered several felt patterns from Catherine before and each and every one of them has a great deal of charm, detail, and clarity in their presentation. The color combinations are clever and the "step-by-step" instructions are easy to follow along.

Ann, USA

The Daffodil Cottage is another of Catherine's beautiful designs. I love the simplicity and the elegance of Catherine's creations. A joy to stitich!
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