Hi, I'm Catherine... I believe that being amongst nature is good for our souls and fuels our inspiration and creativity.

* I believe that looking for joy in the simple things each day is where we can find our greatest delight - from a few simple stitches, the sound of a paintbrush on canvas, dew drops on a leaf.

* I believe that a gift created by hand with time and care is one of the most precious ways to show love to both the  maker & receiver.

* I also believe that amongst all the stormier days it is these sweet little moments of creativity that can keep us from being swept away, rooting us to the earth.

I've been creative since I was a little barefoot girl

that picked flowers every chance she had and I still do!

I would press these little treasures, make hand made cards, stitch embroidery sat by my Mum's side and write and draw stories about the wild rabbits that visited the vegetable patch!

Much of my childhood was spent at my Granny's home, nestled in the Dorset countryside, hugged by a Hill with an old oak tree on the top and she called me her little Country Bumpkin!

I always dreamt of one day spending my days painting, writing & crafting, with a camera by my side. I started to find my voice and hone my skills studying Communication & Image Studies, Photography and Textiles at University. It was when I  moved from England to Belgium (with my Belgian fiance) that I began to make my dreams a reality, finding creativity gave me a sense of home. My business started as I designed & hand made Collector's Bears from Mohair, achieving worldwide magazine features and Awards. The greatest satisfaction was the joy and comfort these brought to so many and encouraged me on to develop my business. Now with illustrations & embroidery designs as Patterns, Kits, Art & Stationery being enjoyed around the globe, with a lot of dedication, courage and smiles I am discovering the path I dreamt of as a child. With a double page feature in the renowned Print & Pattern Kids Book I am excited where my creative journey will take me next, I look forward to walking it with you. 



Never let it be said that to dream is a waste of one's time

for dreams are our realities in waiting.

In dreams we plant the seeds of our future.