The Story behind Garden Friend Art

Welcome to Day 1

My dear friend, today I'm so happy to share the story and inspiration behind my "Garden Friend" Embroidery Kit. I love relaxing in nature and with my Art, this is where I feel most myself and helps me enjoy every season. 


Tomorrow we will stitch together as I share a new Embroidery tutorial to show you how I stitch the seed heads in this design. It will help boost your creative confidence.

I hope you enjoy this glimpse into my little world. I'd love to hear what you thought, leave a comment below.
Thank you SO MUCH for watching, Hugs, Catherine x


Day 2

Welcome! Today we are going to stitch French Knots together. This is the embroidery stitch I use for Seed Heads on winter plants in my designs. 

Come back tomorrow for a special offer for my Shop .  Let me know if this video was helpful for you in the comment box below x

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Day 3

It is so lovely to see you back here! Today you can watch the end of my story video as I show you the love and care I put into designing my Embroidery Kits. 


Thank you for joining in the fun over the last few days.  Today I have a special treat for you, 10% off my entire Etsy Shop.  This includes all my Kits, PDF Patterns for Embroidery & Felt Ornaments and Art Prints.  It is my way of thanking you for all your encouragement and support of my creative journey. 


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I'd love to hear what you thought of my videos and if you'd like me to make more, leave a comment below or email me.     See you again soon, Hugs, Catherine x


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